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The California Voting Rights Act 

The California Voting Right Act has prompted well over 100 cities to move to district elections in order to meet the state’s statutory requirements. The City of Palm Desert innovated to create a two-district solution that maintains a shared interest in the success of the entire community, including the City’s downtown core . For more information on the CVRA, please visit the following links: 

What is the California Voting Rights Act? (Sacramento Bee)

The California Voting Right Act: Recent Legislation and Litigation Outcomes (Presentation from the League of California Cities Conference, 2018).

Lawsuit seeks voting districts in Palm Desert. Other valley cities have made the switch. (Desert Sun)


Ranked Choice Voting

If feasible, the City will also implement rank-choice voting, allowing voters to more comprehensively express their candidate preferences. The Riverside County Registrar of Voters may not be able to offer ranked-choice voting by November 2020, but the City is working with the Registrar to implement this system as soon as possible. For more information on ranked choice voting, please visit the following links:

How Ranked Choice Voting Works (FairVote)

Learn About the Voting System (San Francisco Department of Elections)