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Solar Program

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The City of Palm Desert endeavors to reduce and conserve natural resources through the use of solar photovoltaic systems.

Civic Center Shade Structure Project: The Palm Desert Civic Center Shade Structure Project utilizes solar power to supplement City Hall power needs. This photovoltaic solar system consists of two phases of work. The first phase was a 9.6 kW (9600 watts) photovoltaic solar system utilizing 192 Siemens SM50 12-volt photovoltaic panels with a capacity of 50 watts each and a 15 kW inverter.

The second phase for the north-end carport was completed in 2008. 336  Sharp NE 175 U1 solar panels with a capacity of 175 watts each and 2 Xantrex 30kW inverters were installed on the north-end carport. Additionally, the existing system was doubled in size to 19.2kW. The total system size is now 78kW (78,000 watts). 

Bus Shelter Improvement Program: This City project has incorporated solar power as part of its design criteria and construction. The bus shelters are now more environmentally friendly with the incorporation of solar power through the use of photovoltaic panels. The bus shelters have become self-sufficient in that they will no longer require electricity to provide security lighting for passengers.

Housing Authority Properties: Several Housing Authority properties include photovoltaic solar systems to offset energy usage: Falcon Crest, La Rocca Villas and Palm Village Apartments.

Henderson Community Building: The Henderson Community Building, located at 72-559 Highway 111, is the current home for the Palm Desert Chamber of Commerce. When the building was completed in 2008, it included a 5.8kW photovoltaic solar system, consisting of 32 SunPower solar panels. The system has an estimated output of 10,686 kWh per year.