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The land development Section of the Public Works Department provides engineering plan review, permitting, and inspection for land development projects.


The Land Development Section of the Public Works Department reviews Final Tract Maps, Final Parcel Maps, Parcel Map Waivers, WQMPs, SWPPPs, rough grading plans, precise grading plans, single family grading plans, street improvement plans, storm drain improvement plans, traffic signal plans, signing and striping plans, and street vacations. Plans are reviewed by City staff in conformance with State, County, and Municipal requirements. Plans may be submitted via hard copy or via online digital submittal. Please submit two sets of plans if they are being submitted via hard copy. See DIGITAL PLAN SUBMITTAL section for online digital submittal process.


The Land Development Section of the Public Works Department issues rough, precise, and single family grading permits.


The Land Development Section of the Public Works Department is now accepting pdf files for digital plan submittals for review. First, submit a plan review payment to the Public Works Department. You will receive an e-mailed confirmation that payment was received. Once you receive the payment confirmation you may apply online and upload the pdf files and related attachments for review. You will receive a subsequent e-mail with either plan review comments or a request to submit mylar.

Design professionals, such as Architects and Engineers, whose “wet” signature is required for submittal of hard copy plans will be required to obtain a “digital signature” key for signature of electronically submitted plans. Click here for details about digital and electronic signature requirements.

Please click here to begin Digital Plan Submittal.


All plans submitted for review must adhere to the City of Palm Desert naming convention.  The plan name for review should be in this order:

  • Planning Department Case Number
  • Plan Type
  • Name of Engineering Company
  • Date of Submittal
  • Plan Check Number
  • Example File Name: PM31836_FinalParcelMap_TerraNova_6-16-18_check1.pdf. The plan check number must be changed when resubmitting