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Any construction or demolition occurring in the City of Palm Desert that involves work within the public right-of-way requires an Encroachment Permit prior to beginning the work. Encroachment Permit applications can be downloaded from the Resources section to the right, and are available upon walk-in to the Public Works Department located at the Palm Desert City Hall. Please allow 48 hours for approval of your application for an encroachment permit.


A Grading Permit is required before performing any land alteration.  Property owners and contractors are urged to contact the Public Works Department while in the planning stage of projects requiring land alteration. A Grading Permit Application may be downloaded or obtained from the from the Resources section of this webpage or via walk-in at the Public Works Department.


A no-charge Pool Drain Permit is required prior to draining a dechlorinated swimming pool, hot tub, or similar body of water. The Pool Drain Permit Application may be downloaded here or obtained via walk-in from the Public Works Department. 


A Wide Load Permit must be obtained for any "oversized" vehicle exceeding the legal limits for weight and/or dimension, as defined by the California Vehicle Code (CVC 35783).  The City of Palm Desert permit allows the movement of only the vehicle/load described in the approved permit, and only within its city boundaries.  Please allow 24 hours for approval of your application. There is no fee for this permit.

Permit applications may be submitted in person or via email at Due to the time sensitivity of most inspection requests, we ask that you contact the Public Works Department by phone to schedule or obtain information regarding inspections - (760) 776-6450.