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Did you know the City has a program dedicated to helping homeless people living in Palm Desert?

The City, in partnership with the County of Riverside, has a team of professionals who provide an array of services to those looking to overcome homelessness. Available services include referrals related to mental health, substance abuse, medical needs, housing assistance, and more.

You can help. Residents, businesses, and visitors are the “eyes and ears” of our community. If you see someone who appears to need services, please contact the City so that we can connect them with our homelessness professionals. You can help someone in need by simplify providing a brief description and location (always dial 9-1-1 in an emergency).

If you know or see someone who may need assistance in Palm Desert, you can use the City’s mobile app, Palm Desert In Touch, available via smartphone, tablet, or computer – – call 760-776-6361, or email