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Palm Desert Youth Committee

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What is the Palm Desert Youth Committee?

The Palm Desert Youth Committee is comprised of students that meet to advise the City Council on issues pertaining to youth. The Youth Committee also plans and carries out community service activities throughout the year. Additionally, some Youth Committee members serve as representatives to other advisory boards that focus on sustainability, legislation, and cultural outreach.

How do I become a Youth Committee member?

The Palm Desert Youth Committee is open to students between the ages of 13-18 that reside in or attend school in Palm Desert. Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis. Click here for an application.

When are the Youth Committee meetings held?

Youth Committee meetings are held on the first Monday of each month at 6 p.m. in the Administrative Conference Room located at Palm Desert City Hall, 73510 Fred Waring Drive. Agendas are sent to all members in advance and are posted on the City’s website.

How is the Committee organized?

In May each year, City Council appoints 15 students to serve in an official advisory capacity on the Youth Committee. All other members serve as alternates until such time as they are appointed.

What is the difference between an appointed member and an alternate member?

The difference between an appointed member and an alternate is that appointed members are permitted to take action on items and are subject to an attendance policy. Vacancies on the Youth Committee are filled by alternates based on their grade level, meeting attendance, and participation. Applicants become alternates after attending two consecutive meetings.


What is the Committee’s attendance policy?


In accordance with City policy, appointed Youth Committee members are only allowed two absences per calendar year; a third absence constitutes an automatic resignation. Absence due to conflict with extra-curricular or social activities will not excused. If a member must resign from their appointed position due to a third absence, they can serve still as an alternate.


Who runs the Youth Committee meetings?


In conjunction with the Youth Committee Advisor, the elected chair and/or co-chair run the meetings according to parliamentary procedure. Chair and co-chair positions are elected in September each year.

Can I receive a letter of recommendation for serving on the Youth Committee?


Letters of recommendation from the Youth Committee Advisor will be sent in response to a request from the member. All letters are based on the member’s length of service and level of participation.