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Sharps Disposal

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Sharps are items such as hypodermic needles, syringes, lancets, and pen needles. Whether contaminated with biohazardous waste or not, sharps must be disposed of in special containers and handled as hazardous waste. Improperly discarded needles create community hazards and can cause serious injury. Palm Desert residents can now dispose of used hypodermic needles, syringes, lancets, and pen needles safely and conveniently by utilizing one of the City’s following sharps disposal programs:


All residents can visit one of the following participating pharmacies to obtain a free Sharps Disposal by Mail container which serves as a receptacle for used sharps. Once full, the container can be sealed and deposited in the mail for safe disposal. Residents can obtain up to three containers per year and proof of residency in the form of a driver’s license or California ID is required.

  • CVS (42155 Washington)
  • CVS (in Target) 72549 Hwy 111)
  • Fireside Compounding Pharmacy (73847 Highway 111)
  • Palm Desert Drugs (73261 Hwy 111)
  • Rite-Aid (72875 Highway 111)
  • Rite-Aid (74958 Country Club Drive)
  • Savon/Albertsons (74590 Highway 111)
  • Walgreens (44830 Monterey)


Residents of single family dwellings (apartment and multifamily residents not eligible) may initially pick up sharps disposal
containers free-of-charge from Burrtec’s Recycle Center located at 41800 Corporate Way (behind the Hovley Post
Office in Palm Desert). Once the container is full, residents can call Burrtec at (760) 340-2113 to schedule a curbside
pickup, and upon request, Burrtec will leave a free empty collection container. Residents can coordinate up to four free
pickups per year.