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AB2766 Programs

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In an effort to provide more aesthetic and environmentally efficient bus shelters throughout the City, on October 28, 1999, City Council approved the Bus Shelter Improvement Program. In addition to advocating more contemporary, self-sufficient, and durable bus shelters with features such as solar powered security lighting, this program eliminated advertisements on all new bus shelters installed within City limits.

The Bus Shelter Improvement Program consists of two main focus areas. The first area of focus is that of the Highway 111 corridor, which is the main ingress and egress through the City and sees many users of the public transit system each day. The second area of focus is that of future development. In order to meet the growing needs of our Valley residents, students, and employers, it is important we realize the vital role that public transit plays. Therefore, in collaboration with SunLine Transit Agency, City staff will continue to condition projects within new development areas of the City to provide for public transit needs.

Additionally, using AB2766 funds dedicated to the reduction of air pollution, as well as a matching grant from Southern California Air Quality Management District (AQMD)/Mobile Source Air Pollution Reduction Review Committee (MSRC), the City has installed eight electric vehicle charging stations throughout the community and upgraded four existing charging stations at the Civic Center Complex. By partnering with various property owners and public agencies, the City was able to improve and expand its charging station infrastructure throughout the community for the benefit of both electric vehicle drivers and the environment. Click here for map of EV charging stations located in Palm Desert.

For further information about the Bus Shelter Improvement Program and the Electric Vehicle Charging Station Project, please call (760) 346-0611, ext. 664, or contact us.