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Standard Drawings

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100 Underground & Topography Legend
101 Standard Abbreviations
102 Curb & Gutter Type I
103 Curb Type II
104 Sidewalk
105 Concrete Driveways
106 Cross Gutter Type I
108 Cross Gutter Type II
109 Valve Operator Well Installation
110 Manhole Frame & Cover
111 Standard Drywell Detail
111A Combination Catch Basin Standard Drywell
111B Drywell Inlet Detail
112 Valley Gutter
113 Utility Trench Pavement Replacement
114 Palm Desert Title Block

200 Under Sidewalk Drain
200-1 Curb Drain Case A & B
201 Typical Median Nose Sign Installation
203 Typical Sign Post
204 Pedestrian Walkway for Encroachment into Right-of-Way
205 Bicycle/Golf Cart Lane Signs and Pavement Markings
205A Golf Cart Symbol for Signage
205B Golf Cart Lane Sign
205C Golf Cart Route Sign
205D Bicycle/Golf Cart Lane Combination Sign
205E Golf Cart Pavement Legend
205F Bike/Golf Cart Lane Closure
205G Bicycle Pavement Detector Pavement Marking
205H Bicycle Pavement Sharrow Pavement Marking

300A Type A, B & C Monuments
300B Standard Monument Well Type A & B Monuments
301 Street Name Sign Installation
301A Street Name Signs
301B Internally Illuminated Street Name Signs
302A Arterial Street 110 RW
302B Arterial Street 134 RW
303 Major Thoroughfare
304 Scenic Secondary
305 Secondary Roadway
306 Collector Street
307 Residential Street
309 Private Residential Street
310-1 Parkway-Median Island Landscape Mounding
310-2 Parkway-Median Island Landscape Mounding

400A Type P Controller Assembly Detail
400B Type R Controller Assembly Detail
401 Interconnect Pull Box Details
402 SIC Isolation Detail
403A IISNS Mounting Detail
403B IISNS Mounting Detail