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Traffic Division

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Traffic Division

Traffic Division Traffic Division


The Traffic Division is responsible for the investigation of traffic collisions and conducting traffic enforcement and education programs throughout the city of Palm Desert.  The Traffic Division is a contract law enforcement enhancement providing support for the general law enforcement component (Patrol).  The Traffic Division consists of a Motorcycle Enforcement Sergeant, six (6) Motorcycle Enforcement Officers, a Collision/DUI Officer, a Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Officer, and two (2) Community Service Officer’s (CSO). 
Traffic Safey checkpoints

The Traffic Division provides needed support for patrol officers by handling traffic specific issues that can often become time consuming (such as major traffic accident reconstruction), thereby allowing the patrol division to handle criminal calls for service and conduct proactive enforcement.  The Traffic Division provides additional emergency response support to the patrol division during critical incidents.  They also routinely conduct traffic safety enforcement programs in various areas of the city.  These enforcement programs include, sobriety/drivers’ license checkpoints, distracted driver, seat belt enforcement, DUI warrant sweeps, and court compliance checks.  These programs bring public awareness and educate drivers to the dangers of driving under the influence, driving without safety belts, unlawful use of a cellular phone while driving, speeding, and other safety violations.

The city of Palm Desert supports the COVE communities Commercial Vehicle Program, which specifically focuses on commercial vehicles that may be overweight, unsafe, and/or carrying improper loads on roadways.  The Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Officer handles Vehicle Identification Number (V. I. N.) verifications using state of the art computer software and monitors the tow companies assigned to the Palm Desert Station Tow Contract.  

The Traffic Division is available for ticket sign-offs, VIN verifications, and stored/impound vehicle hearings, Monday through Friday, between 1:30 p.m. and 3:30 p.m.  For any traffic related questions or traffic concerns, please call (760) 836-1600.


Ramirez, Jorge


Traffic Supervisor

Sergeant Jorge Ramirez
73-705 Gerald Ford Drive
Palm Desert, CA 92211
(760) 836-1651