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Business District Team

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The Palm Desert Business District Team (BDT) is comprised of a sergeant and tw (2) officers specifically assigned to the business district (30 beat) in the city of Palm Desert.  This area includes the El Paseo shopping district, Highway 111 business corridor, Westfield Mall, Waring Plaza and Desert Crossings.  The BDT is responsible for a significant number of criminal investigations that impact the business community, all special enforcement programs within the district, and the majority of commercially related special enforcement programs throughout the city of Palm Desert.  

BDT deputies are community oriented and devote most of their time in addressing immediate problems in order to mitigate a specific issue while keeping public safety at its primary mission.  They also provide crime prevention information to businesses and residents in order to maintain a safe environment for businesses to prosper.  Personnel assigned to this unit work in both plain clothes and uniform capacity patrolling the streets in unmarked police vehicles, police bicycles and on foot as the needs demand. 
Steines, Kirk Sgt. #2997

BDT Supervisor, Sergeant Kirk Steines
73705 Gerald Ford Drive
Palm Desert, CA 92211
(760) 836-1631