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Safety Check Points for Kids

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  • Check First before you go anywhere with anyone (for any reason at any time)! Check with whoever is in charge of you at the time. If you cannot check, then the answer is NO!
  • Adults can get help from other adults. You do not need to help anyone find a lost puppy, unload a truck, etc., without checking first !
  • Know your full name, address (including state), and telephone number with the area code. Know your parents' or guardians' names, too.
  • If you are separated in a store, freeze and then yell your parents' or guardians' first and last name. You may ask a clerk or mother with children to go get help for you, but stay where you are.
  • If anyone tries to move or hurt you, make sure you scream, kick, fight, and yell, "You're not my dad (or mom)!"
  • Use the buddy system; go in groups.
  • You are in charge of your body. No one has the right to touch you or talk about your body in a way that makes you feel uncomfortable or is wrong. Use the Power NO, and tell someone.
  • If you find a gun, do not touch it. Leave it alone and tell someone. If a friend wants you to touch or hold it, use the Power NO!
  • Use the Power NO for peer pressure on dares and drugs, too.
  • When you are home alone, keep the door locked and closed for everyone. Let the phone ring, let the answering machine pick it up, or work out a system with your parents or guardians so that no one realizes you are home alone.
  • On the Internet, keep personal information to yourself! Ask your parents which sites you can visit.