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Safe Shopping

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Palm Desert has numerous stores and restaurants to enjoy shopping and dining. No matter the time of year, or the location of the store you are shopping, here are some important tips you should follow:

  • Be alert to your surroundings when entering a parking lot. Check for suspicious activity or anyone loitering in the area before you park and exit your vehicle.
  • At night, park in a well-lit area and as close to the business as possible. When you are returning to your car, make sure you have the key to the car door in your hand and ready to use. Before you enter your vehicle, scan the interior to make sure no one is hiding inside.
  • As you return to your vehicle, remember to look around to see if anyone is following you or standing near your car. If you see anything suspicious, return to the store and notify the store manager or call the police.
  • Avoid ATM machines at night unless they are inside of a store, and avoid carrying excessive amounts of cash.
  • When using a credit card to pay for items, hold your purse or wallet in your hand until the transaction is complete and then replace the card. This will prevent you from forgetting your card at the store.
  • Save your receipts and check your credit card statements online or as frequent as you can to make sure there are no fraudulent purchases on your account.
  • Never leave valuables in plain site within your vehicle. Lock items in the trunk or cover them.
  • Never leave children unattended in a vehicle. Even if you are just going into a store for a minute! Not only is it unsafe, it's against the law!
  • If you become separated from your children while shopping, contact the store security officer, the store manager, and call the police as soon as possible. Remember what style and color of clothes your children are wearing in case you need to describe your child to Police. Inform your children that if they ever become lost or separated from you in a store, they should contact an employee at one of the cash registers for help and never leave the store with anyone other than you!
  • And please leave your pets at home when shopping. During the daytime in our community, the temperature inside of your vehicle can be unbearable for pets. Even for a short period of time, some pets can suffer brain damage or even death! Remember, slightly opening the windows will not be enough to keep your pet healthy.