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Preventing Residential Burglary

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Facts About Burglary

  • A residential burglary happens about every two minutes in California.
  • The number of total burglaries in California is down for the State, but is rising in this area. Burglary is one of the crimes most frequently reported to the Palm Desert Police Department.
  • The most common burglaries in our community are garage burglaries, residential burglaries, and vehicle burglaries.
  • Over half of these crimes were committed without forced entry, with the suspects gaining entry by unlocked doors and windows.
  • A very large percentage of the reported burglaries are preventable crimes, if the victims had used reasonable crime prevention techniques.
  • Most burglaries are crimes of opportunity.

Prevention Tips

  • Always lock your doors and windows. This includes your residence doors and windows, garage doors, and vehicle doors and windows.
  • Keep your garage doors closed. Remove valuables from plain view in your vehicles.
  • OBTAIN and USE an alarm system for your residence and vehicle. They work, and they are a good deterrent. Most burglars will target a residence or vehicle that is not alarmed.
  • Be alert to suspicious persons and activities in your neighborhood. Know your neighbors well enough to recognize suspicious activities. Always report such activity to the Police Department immediately.
  • Consider forming or joining a Neighborhood Watch Program. These programs are a great asset to your neighborhood, providing many extra 'eyes' to assist the police in catching criminals. No one knows your neighborhood better than the residents who live there.
  • Maintain your property in a manner that deprives burglars the ability to commit their crime at your property. Keep hedges and trees trimmed in a manner that eliminates hiding places, use good lighting to eliminate dark areas at your residence.
  • Make a complete list of your valuables, record the serial numbers of all numbered items, mark all unnumbered items with your drivers license number, and keep the list in a secure location such as your bank safe deposit box. Often, when the Police Department recovers stolen property, it cannot be returned unless positive ownership is established.
  • Inform your family, neighbors, or other responsible persons when you are going to be away from your residence for a vacation or any other extended time period. Have them take care of your residence so it does not appear unoccupied. Insure that someone will know how to reach you in the event of any emergency involving your residence.

By using these tips, you will greatly reduce the chances of being a victim of burglary.