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Crime Prevention

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Neighborhood WatchThe Neighborhood Watch program is a nation-wide program that utilizes the residents of a street, residential area, or housing complex to assist the police by providing 'Extra Eyes' to report suspicious or criminal activity. Training is provided to each Neighborhood Watch group on how to properly observe and report these activities. Neighborhood Watch is a well-proven, successful crime prevention program that augments the police department, yet does not endanger the involved citizens.

Crime Free Multi Housing Program The Crime Free Multi Housing Program (CFMHP) is a worldwide program that puts apartment owners/landlords, tenants, and the police department into a partnership to help reduce crime in rental properties. The CFMHP provides training and technical assistance to the owners/landlords, and tenants in concepts and practices that help reduce criminal activity and make apartment complexes safer places to live. The City of Palm Desert and the Palm Desert Police Department strongly support the CFMHP, and host a training seminar for the program two times a year.

Officer Austin and Castillo also provide safety seminars and group meetings, which focus on specific crime or neighborhood problems in the City of Palm Desert. If you need further information on these programs, or would like to discuss crime prevention issues, please call Officer Austin or Officer Castillo at (760) 836-1600.

Citizens on PatrolThe Citizens On Patrol Program "COP" is run by the City of Palm Desert, with Sergeant Dave Adams acting as a liaison officer between COP Volunteers and the police department. These volunteers are a dedicated group of people acting as the eyes and ears of the city and the police. COP Volunteers conduct routine patrol throughout the city, assist with special events, and do administrative work within the organization. If you have any questions about the program, or would like to apply for a position with Citizens On Patrol, please call (760) 346-0611 Ext. 425 and speak with the Special Programs Department. You can also view the Palm Desert Citizens Patrol website.

Crime Prevention Information