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About Housing

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The Palm Desert Housing Authority (PDHA) was established in December of 1997 by the Palm Desert City Council (City) to operate rental properties that were acquired from Riverside County Housing Authority (RCHA). Prior to the Agency's acquisition, the RCHA owned and operated 725 affordable units for Palm Desert. The PDHA now operates over 1000 affordable rental units. The income levels range from very low (20% of the County median) to moderate (up to 120% of the County median). The City Council members were appointed as the PDHA Board.

With a blend of for-sale single-family homes, senior, and multi-family rental units, Palm Desert continues to be a leader among the desert communities in the development of affordable housing. In addition to providing affordable housing units, the City has provided incentives in various forms, such as land donations, down payment assistance silent trust deeds, density bonuses, and loans to developers that dedicate units as affordable. Currently there are over 600 units provided by developers or non-profit organizations by one of these methods.

One of the reasons Palm Desert's affordable housing programs are so successful is the solid foundation of policies, procedures and regulatory provisions that have been established.

In addition to providing housing units, the Housing Department offers several Home Improvement Programs. The programs are available to existing homeowners that qualify under the income guidelines and are in the forms of grants, loans, and matching funds.

Other programs on the horizon are First-Time Home buyers programs, Rent Subsidy Program, and more for-sale housing developments.