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AB 987 Database

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AB 987 - All Affordable Housing In Palm Desert

In an effort to create, preserve and promote affordable housing in the City, the Palm Desert Housing Authority(“Authority”) often provides assistance to homebuyers, renters and developers.

The Authority is required as successor to the former Palm Desert Redevelopment Agency by AB 987 to publish a listing of assisted properties. They are categorized as follows:
Authority Owned and Assisted
• Authority Developed and Assisted
Non-Authority Developed and Assisted
Non-Authority Developed and Non-Assisted

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e database information is updated annually and was last updated December 27, 2019.  For more information about AB 987, please go to

To be placed on the waiting list for housing that may become available in the Authority’s affordable housing programs in either for rent or for sale, we welcome you to visit the Programs section of our website.  For more, please contact us.