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Many visitors are drawn to the City of Palm Desert for its climate, desert beauty, sparkling resorts and world-class golfing, but business is drawn to the city for its growth. With over $1.5 billion in retail and restaurant sales, the City of Palm Desert is the economic powerhouse of the Coachella Valley.

Palm Desert created the Economic Development Division to provide service to the business community. The Division works with existing businesses by providing information on demographics, business-to-business mailing lists, and acts as the City liaison for the various business, retail and regional economic development organizations.

Businesses looking to locate in the city can find available locations by contacting staff regarding Palm Desert's commercial inventory. Once a business decides to locate in Palm Desert, staff provides ombudsman service with the various City departments and local agencies.

The Economic Development Strategic Plan (EDSP) was approved by the City Council in January of 2013. The EDSP provides an assessment of existing conditions that drive the economy of Palm Desert and is intended to help local stakeholders and City staff implement strategies that contribute to the City’s economic health. The EDSP is created to assist in the enhancement of Palm Desert’s business climate and support economic growth with the following goals:

  • Support existing business through a variety of economic efforts, partnerships, business outreach and special events.
  • Assist in the creation of new retail opportunities and commercial development.
  • Support expansion of additional resort/hospitality development and improve competitiveness of existing hotel product to attract tourist and conventions.
  • Provide recreational, cultural and entertainment opportunities and promote Palm Desert’s quality of life and amenities to encourage growth and tourism.
  • Support the City’s education institutions as an important factor in the continued and diversified economic growth of Palm Desert and the Coachella Valley.
  • Support the expansion of business through the promotion of new clean and renewable energy and to protect the City’s quality of life and natural and financial resources.

A complete copy of the Economic Development Strategic Plan is available here.

Should you have a question about the City of Palm Desert, the Economic Development staff is available to assist you. Please contact us.