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Garage Sales

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In an effort to keep Palm Desert beautiful we request you register for a Garage Sale as soon as you know you are going to have it.

You will be provided with one sign once your application has been approved. Per our City code, you are allowed one sign only at the end of your block on private property. The sign must set seven feet back from the curb. Please ask for permission from the property owner. The sign may not be more than four feet above ground level, and it must be removed upon the completion of the event.

All signs must be placed on Private Property, only. Please do not post on telephone poles, stop signs, speed signs, traffic signal equipment, school signs, etc., or on any other public right-of-way. Public right-of-way is generally defined as center island/dividers and the area from the curb to seven feet back from the curb.

Please display permits/certificate in a place where public officials may easily locate them. We suggest attaching your permit to your mail box or the Garage Sale sign on your property. Violations of City code may result in the issuance of a citation by either a City official or a Law Enforcement Officer.