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The Cove Communities Services Commission

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Over twenty years ago, the challenge facing the Cities of Palm Desert, Rancho Mirage, and Indian Wells was to provide a fiscally responsible, well-coordinated, and effective fire protection and paramedic program. Because the three cities shared a geographic commonality, including a shared philosophy of "the best service for the least cost", an innovative method to implement these services was sought.

In a unique arrangement, these cities formed the "Cove Communities Services Commission" in 1981. At the time, no precedent was set for such a multi-city arrangement; however, a spirit of cooperation and ingenuity existed and ultimately prevailed. The Cove Communities Services Commission is comprised of six elected city council members, two from each participating city. The quarterly meetings are hosted and clerically staffed by one of the cities for one year, with the terms rotating at the end of the fiscal year. Although each Cove city now contracts individually for public safety services, the Cove Commission is still actively involved in a variety of programs and projects that affect all three cities regionally, including general law enforcement issues, fire/paramedic services, the Joslyn Senior Center, and certain Palm Desert recreational facilities/services.

Compared to standard public safety services in other municipalities, the Cove Communities Services Commission exemplifies the advantage of a collaborative effort among several cities, ultimately serving their respective communities economically and effectively.
Please contact us with any comments or questions regarding this innovative arrangement.