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Hot Tips For Staying Cool

Post Date:07/20/2010
Heat stress can happen anytime, at work or at play. Heat stress includes a range of symptoms: getting tired and thirsty, headaches, cramps, and worse.

To avoid heat stress, abstain from strenuous outdoor activity during the day when temperatures are high. When temperatures top 95 degrees, your body loses water constantly, even if you do not feel like you are sweating.

If you are outdoors in the heat and feel thirsty, you could already be dehydrated. Drinking small amounts of water frequently, rather a lot of water occasionally, can help you stay hydrated and avoid feeling thirsty. Do not hike without carrying sufficient water – at least double what you would bring in the winter.

Try to exercise and perform outdoor activities in the early morning when it is cooler. If you have to be outside, avoid prolonged sun exposure. Wear lightweight, loose fitting, light colored clothing. A hat, long sleeves, and pants can help shield you from the sun. Use sunscreen to prevent sunburn and do not forget your ears and neck. Occasional use of a wet iced towel or mist around the neck and arms or soaking your hat and wearing it wet can help.

Park in the shade and walk a little farther if necessary. A closed car in the sun can reach more than 150 degrees, reducing your air conditioner’s ability to cool the vehicle. Never leave children or pets in a vehicle, even briefly. The consequences can be deadly.
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