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Earthquakes: Plan and Be Prepared

Post Date:04/27/2010
The staggering magnitude of recent earthquake disasters around the world serves as a sobering reminder for Palm Desert residents of the importance of planning and be prepared for a major quake in our area. This month’s BrightSide is full of helpful tips and important checklists that will help you be ready when the earth starts shaking.

Earthquakes strike without warning and can happen any time. Preparation must be an ongoing process. The City of Palm Desert, Riverside County, and California have spent time and money preparing for a disaster, but there are limits on what government can do to help you. The City’s Emergency Operations Center (EOC) at Palm Desert Civic Center will be activated in the event of an emergency, but its function will be to serve as a place where government agencies can receive and process information, establish recovery priorities, and coordinate relief efforts.

The primary source for water, food, and other necessities in the days immediately following a disaster will be you. Palm Desert residents and businesses will need to be self-sufficient for up to a week or longer after a major earthquake. The only way to accomplish this is to take two immediate actions: 1) Plan and 2) Prepare.

Planning involves taking steps to imagine what it will be like when the earthquake hits, and deciding ahead of time what to do before, during, and after the quake.

Preparation is assembling the necessities to be self-sufficient before a quake strikes and to make sure your supplies are easily accessible in the days that follow.

The good news is that planning and preparing are not difficult. Review the tips and checklists in this newsletter, then make your plans and stock your supplies. One you are done, all you have to do is regularly refresh your supplies and fine-tune your plans. You might find that being prepared gives you added peace of mind and makes living in earthquake country easier.

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