The City of Palm Desert is dedicated to energy conservation as something that makes good financial sense and protects our environment for the future. The City's longstanding commitment to saving energy is on display in the solar panels that help power City facilities and in the alternate fuel cars and trucks that make up a large part of Palm Desert’s vehicle fleet.

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Palm Desert has long been a nationally recognized leader in energy conservation, thanks to groundbreaking initiatives such as Set to Save and the City’s Energy Independence Program. Residents and businesses now have a convenient new way to pay for energy and water saving upgrades courtesy of Clean Energy CV Upgrade, an innovative financing program that assists homeowners and businesses with the high up front costs of these improvements, including solar power installations.
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Clean Energy CV Upgrade, a partnership between Ygrene Energy Fund and CVAG (Coachella Valley Association of Governments), gives Palm Desert residential and commercial property owners access to Ygrene’s 100 percent financing for energy efficiency, renewable energy, and water conservation building improvements.

Like the City’s former Energy Independence Program, which has been folded into the new program, Ygrene financing requires no upfront costs and is repaid through annual property taxes for a period of up to 20 years. Eligibility is based primarily on property value and equity, rather than credit score. The Clean Energy CV Upgrade program covers hundreds of improvements, from solar electric and hot water systems to energy-efficient air conditioning units and water-efficient irrigation systems. Palm Desert property owners can visit, enter their address, discover how much financing they are eligible for, and immediately apply.

Property owners can choose from among 80 local Ygrene-certified contractors from dozens of companies to ensure projects are completed by reliable professionals in a timely fashion. If property owners would like to use their own contractor, the contractor can become Ygrene-certified by attending any of the Ygrene trainings being held at the Palm Desert campus of UC Riverside in the coming months. 

To learn more, please visit or call 855-482-7283.

Solar Energy: The Coachella Valley’s bright and ample sunshine makes solar energy a smart option here and the City of Palm Desert, in cooperation with the State of California, already has programs to encourage its use.

Southern California Edison offers incentives for installing photovoltaic Solar Systems to homeowners, commercial industrial customers, and government and non-profit organizations. Money also has been allocated to help fund solar systems for low-income and affordable housing.

In addition to encouraging solar installations in new residential, commercial, and industrial construction, rebates on solar heating and cooling systems and solar hot water heaters are being offered. All electric and gas customers of Southern California Edison and Southern California Gas Company are eligible to apply for incentives.

For more information call 800-799-4177 or visit Additional information on the solar rebate program can be found at