Water Conservation

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Nuisance Water

Nuisance water is defined as chronically running water in gutters and street crossings or as standing water where it doesn’t belong. These wet areas that never seem to dry are a common eyesore.  They create unsightly, unhealthy, or otherwise undesirable conditions such as: 

  • Unnecessary water usage
  • Potential breeding grounds for mosquitos
  • Algae formation on paved surfaces
  • Premature aging of street pavements
  • Potential fines and fees for homeowners, businesses, homeowners' associations and country clubs

Sources of Nuisance Water

The primary source of nuisance water in Palm Desert is landscape irrigation. It is the result of any of several conditions:

  • Overwatering of landscaping (saturated ground sheds excess water)
  • Broken sprinklers or irrigation lines ("geysers" and "gushers")
  • Sprinkler overspray
  • Poor landscape design or poor irrigation design at curbsides

Tips for the Prevention and Elimination of Nuisance Water

Determining whether irrigation scheduling or system maintenance is the source of the nuisance water and how to mitigate it often takes some investigation.  Turn on your sprinkler system and do a visual check of your landscape for broken irrigation lines and sprinklers.  Next, make sure the irrigation timer is set properly to avoid overwatering.  Check for overspray - that is, water from a sprinkler that lands outside the planted area on a sidewalk or roadway.  This is caused by poor sprinkler maintenance or design.