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Standard Drawings


Accessible Trash Enclosure

Masonry Garden Wall


Sample Site Plan

Masonry Combo Wall


Patio Cover

Masonry Pilaster

    Masonry Retaining Wall    
   Informational Handouts    
  Address Change (Existing)

Solar (PV and Thermal)

  Address Submittal Requirements              

Cool Roofs

TCO Requirements  

Inspection Hours

Unreasonable Hardship 2018


New 2016 Code Adoption Flyer

Universal Design Requirements


Permanent Foundation for Manufactured Homes

Submittal Requirements for New Construction  

New 2016 Codes FAQ's

T-Bar Ceiling Requirements  

Heat Bending PVC Piping

Re-Roofing Permits


Re-Striping Parking Lots

Tent Requirements  

Temporary Generators

Demolition of Swimming Pools/Spas  
  Window/Slider Door Change Out

Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarms

  Aluminum Patio Covers New Pool Safety Requirements  
  EV Charger Guidelines 2018 Guide to Recycling Construction Demo
  Tenant Improvement Plan Submittal 2016 Resi Addition-Alteration Plan Submittal 2016    



After Hours Inspections 

Special Inspection Program


Alternate Materials Application 

Special Inspector Approval Requirements

  Building Permit Application

Special Inspection Program Application


Complaint Form 

Special Inspector Application Form

  Work Outside Normal Construction Hours Construction Waste Management Plan (WMP)  
  Smoke Carbon Monoxide Alarm Verification             Affidavit request for plans 2016              
  Kiosk Requirements

 Sub-Contractor List 2016